Learn to Know about the Website


Learn to Know about the Website

Here is the definition of the website : a website that represents a collection of web pages in settings, which contains text, images and all kinds of multi-media files presented to the attention of the internet users w aesthetic and way that’s easily accessible.

All websites are enabled with the Internet called the World Wide Web (WWW). All existing data on the website in the settings and created and can be accessed by the public online with the help of programming language. Programming a website is the main method of defining the structure of a website and manage actions in deal with visitors who browse its pages.

With the technology of web design, the information will be have nice structured and the website will be more comfortable display. To make a web page that can show on the monitor, it takes hosting on the web server, to make a web page can be presented on the monitor of the visitor, we need hosting on the web server, then it will be transfer to the web browser via HTTP,  in this case we can check it from the web site address.

Website visitors
Visitors can access the website just by typing the name in the address bar of their web browser. The name of the website created by the owner and with a name that is easy to remember is a combination of letters and numbers, more popular as a domain name or sub-domain. When we want to visit a website, just only use the site’s domain name, with the Domain Name System (DNS) managing and placing the domain on a particular web hosting server.

Website Elements

Today’s website creation technology is very sophisticated and many websites are created with a very good display and make it easier for users to navigate.  Layout of a website must consider the layout of design elements, which makes it easy for readers to understand the flow of information. Pay attention to the overall hierarchy and layout balance. The most common arrangement is top-down-left-right

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