Tips When Choosing A Web Host


Tips When Choosing A Web Host

Tips When Choosing A Web Host

Google search with the key words “Web Hosting” gives several million hits, which confuses people. A proper selection criterion will help you pick up the best service provider for you. Four things to look for when choosing hosting providers are technical support, reputation, package, pricing. Good, reliable technical support is a very important aspect of the web hosting, especially for novices. Companies with 24 X 7 supports e.g. online, telephone support are more helpful, as technical difficulties can occur any time.

Web Hosting Response Time

Their response time to a problem with web hosting is a good indicator of responsiveness of the technical support team. This response time in future would mean the time to deal a technical problem in your website. Therefore, do not be afraid to write them an email or give them a late night call to check the turnaround time for solving a problem.

Reputation is another big factor to be considered when deciding for a web hosting provider. Friends and co-workers are the best source of recommendation for a service provider. Many forums and message boards have remarks about web hosting companies. Affiliate websites are also a good place to find ratings of different websites based on different criteria. Varieties of packages are being offered by different companies, which include hard disk space and bandwidth. It is always a good idea to have extra hard disk space and bandwidth for future extension of your website.

Web Hosting Support for SSL

Support for SSL, if you selling from website, support for different programming languages, and windows or Linux/Unix based servers are other things you can look for. Pricing is an important criterion to be considered especially if the two companies offer a similar package. Companies offering cheap web packages as compared to others might not be necessarily bad. Some new companies offer lower prices to increase their customer base.

However, new companies might not have the experience to deal with the technical problems within appropriate time limit. Last but not the least is your judgment of the company. A company’s website is a good place to gather information and get an idea about their professionalism. Talk to the staff of the company, ask them technical questions and analyze their knowledge and turnaround time. It is important for you to feel comfortable about the company as they are going to depend upon them for an important aspect of your business

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